Common Questions

Here are some questions we frequently get asked. If you’re having trouble with your device head over to Troubleshooting

Can I extend the deauthers range?

Yes, you can connect an external antenna to the deauthers’ U.FL port. See usage

Are Deauthers WiFi jammers?

No, deauthers take advantage of the fact that management frames in the WiFi protocol are unencrypted, even if the access point itself is password protected. Here’s a video to explain.

How long will my deauther last on battery?

Deauthers on average draw 100mA during operation. To calculate how long your power bank or LiPO battery will power the device, simply divide the battery’s capacity in mAh by 100, for example. A 10,000 mAh power bank will power the device for 10000 / 100 = 100 hours This calculation is a very rough estimate, it assumes the battery is at full advertised capacity and has a charging efficiency of 100%.

Why don’t you have a 5GHz deauther?

The family of chips we use in the deauther does have a 5GHz variant, however it does not support raw packet injection, needed for deauthing to be possible. Though it’s something we’ve got our eye on, if a 5GHz deauther becomes feasible we will explore it.

What is the range of the KeyLoggers?

This is a very common question, but hard to give a difinitive answer on. Range is affected by many variables, including:

  • Objects in the way
  • Environmental conditions
  • Interference
  • And much, much more…

We would typically compare the range of KeyLoggers to that of a mobile phone’s WiFi capabilities.