Web Interface

All WiFi deauthers come with a web interface that can be used to control them. Simply power on your deauther and connect to it’s WiFi hotspot:

Network: pwned
Password: deauther

Connect to the hotspot and navigate to in your browser, you’ll be presented with the below page.

Deauther Web Interface

You can use the web interface to configure the device and initiate attacks, see the next few pages for more info.

OLED Deauther


The OLED deauther has an onscreen set of controls in addition to it’s web interface. Simply apply power to turn the OLED on, the toggle switch can be shifted left/right to navigate the menu and pressed down to select.

OLED deauther interface

Power & Battery

The OLED deauther can be powered via it’s microUSB port, it accepts 5V in and consumes a little over 100mA during normal operation. You can also power the device using a LiPo battery. It has a PH2.0mm connector and accepts standard 3.7V batteries.

OLED deauther power


The OLED Deauther comes with a builtin antenna, however you can extend it’s range by conencting a more powerful 2.4GHz antenna to the male U.FL recepticle.

OLED deauther u.fl port