Beacon Spam

Beacon Spam


Beacon spam refers to spamming beacon frames.

A beacon frame is simply a packet of information that an Access Point sends out, telling nearby devices the network exists

Using a deauther you can spam these beacon frames, effectively creating ghost networks. These ghost networks cannot be connected to, they do not exist.

Web Interface

  1. Select SSIDs in the menu

Deauthers’ SSID list comes pre-loaded with the lyrics to the chorus of Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley. However this can be changed.

  1. To add a new SSID simply type in the SSID name and hit ADD

Optional extras:

SSID: network name
WPA2: Protect the network with WPA2
Number: How many SSIDs of this type to add

Beacon spam

  1. Individual SSIDs can be modified in the list and saved or deleted

Deauth tut 1

  1. Click Attacks in the menu, click START nexto to Beacon

Launch beacon spam attack

OLED onscreen controls

  1. You can launch a beacon spam attack via ATTACK > BEACON, START

To modify the list of SSIDs to spam you will need to use the web interface


Clone nearby network names

It is possible to mimic nearby networks instead of creating your own SSID names

  1. select the networks you would like to clone under the SCAN tab
  2. Go to the SSIDs tab and hit CLONE SELECTED APS
Random Mode

Random mode can be used to fill the SSIDs list with random network names which cycle every 10 seconds by default

  1. Navigate to SSIDs in the menu, click ENABLE RANDOM MODE