Probe Spam


Probe spamming refers to spamming probe requests.

When a WiFi enabled device eg. a phone has WiFi turned on, but is not connected to a WiFi network, it’ll openly broadcast the SSIDs (network names) of all the networks it has previously connected to in an attempt to connect to one of them.

We refer to these broadcasts as probe requests

Additionally, probe requests include your device’s unique MAC address, meaning probe requests can be used to track you.

A probe spam simply spams these probe requests using the SSIDs specified. This can be used to confuse trackers.

Web Interface

Probe spam works with the SSIDs you specify.

  1. Navigate to the Beacon Spam tutorial, SSIDs are specified in the same way.

  2. Navigate to Attacks and hit START next to Probe.

probe spam attack

OLED onscreen controls

  1. You can launch a beacon spam attack via ATTACK > PROBE, START

To modify the list of SSIDs to spam you will need to use the web interface