Common Questions

Here are some questions we frequently get asked. If you’re having trouble with your device head over to Troubleshooting

How many characters can KeyLoggers store?

Our KeyLoggers have 16MB of storage, this translates to roughly 16 million characters.

Are KeyLoggers detectable?

Our KeyLoggers are passive, meaning they do not interfere with the USB communication of the keyboard, but rather just observe the communication. Hence KeyLoggers aren’t visible to the computer.

What is the range of the KeyLoggers?

This is a very common question, but hard to give a difinitive answer on. Range is affected by many variables, including:

  • Objects in the way
  • Environmental conditions
  • Interference
  • And much, much more…

We would typically compare the range of KeyLoggers to that of a mobile phone’s WiFi capabilities. Though keep in mind, KeyLoggers are very small, do not expect their signal to traverse multiple floors.

When unplugged, is the memory wiped?

No, keystrokes aren’t stored in volatile memory. They won’t be forgotten if you unplug your KeyLogger.