Scripting Tips

Scripting on a MalDuino is already super easy, howevever there are some small pitfalls that can leave you scratching your head. Below are some tips to help you become a pro MalDuino scripter!

Use a DELAY at the beginning of your script

MalDuino will start executing the moment you plug him in, though the target pc may not yet be ready. A computer will generally take a couple of seconds to initialise a new keyboard before you can start using it. DELAY 2000 is recommended at the beginning of a script, though you may have to experiment with longer delays if needs be.

Dry run your script before executing it

Most MalDuino scripting issues are down to user error, perhaps a forgotten ENTER or STRING. Try running the script by hand first to spot simple errors.

Use DEFAULTDELAY when debugging

Because MalDuino runs super fast it can be hard to spot errors. DEFAULTDELAY 1000, will set a 1 second delay between each command, running a script in slow motion makes it easy to spot where things are going wrong.

Incorrect keys likely means incorrect layout

If MalDuino is typing incorrect keys its likely you have the wrong keyboard language setup, see setup for a fix

Turning the LED off

If the MalDuino’s status LED is bothersome you can turn it off. During setup, before you upload to the MalDuino, search the elite.ino file for bool ledOn = true;, simply set this to false, save and you’re good to go!