Common Questions

Here are some questions we frequently get asked. If you’re having trouble with your device head over to Troubleshooting

What is the range of the MalDuino W?

WiFi range is affected by many factors such as the number of nearby networks operating on the same channel as your MalDuino W, the objects in between your MalDuino W and your device, etc. It is therefore imppossible to give an accurate range estimate.

However in our testing the range of the MalDuino W is very similar to that of a mobile phone. ie: A couple of walls shouldn’t be an issue, but don’t expect to control your MalDuino W from the other end of the street!

Which Keyboard languages are supported?

Currently we support the following keyboard languages: DE, GB, US, ES, FR, DK, RU

Can the LED be turned off?

Yes. To do this, issue the command LED 0 0 0 this sets the red, green and blue components of the LED all to 0.