Scripting basics


The MalDuino W uses the same scripting language as the generic MalDuino, however there are some additional features.

See here for a tutorial on basic scripting.

MalDuino W additional features

Switching keyboard layout

Selecting your chosen keyboard layout with MalDuino W is easy. At the beginning of the script issue the command LOCALE followed by your chosen keyboard language. For a Spanish keyboard layout this would be LOCALE ES or for a British one: LOCALE GB

Currently the following keyboard layouts are supported: DE, GB, US, ES, FR, DK, RU

Controling the LED

The LED can be controlled easily within the scripts themselves. To do this use the LED command. The MalDuino W uses an RGB LED, so you will need to specify the intensity of each colour in a range 0-255 using: LED [red] [green] [blue] Some common examples are listed below.

Command Colour
LED 255 0 0 Red
LED 0 255 0 Green
LED 0 0 255 Blue
LED 255 255 255 White
LED 0 0 0 Off