MalDuino W Terminal

The MalDuino W comes with a command line interface for advanced users. You can access this via http://malduinow.tools/terminal.html OR

The terminal provides another way of interfacing with your device. Anything that can be done in the main control panel can also be done using the terminal. Below is a list of commands.


Command Description Example
help Returns all available commands help
ram Returns available memory in bytes ram
version Returns version number version
settings Returns list of settings settings
set -n/ame -v/alue Sets value of a specific setting set ssid "maltronics best tronics"
reset Resets all settings to their default values reset
status Returns status of the MalDuino W status
run <…> Starts executing a script run example.txt
stop <…> Stops executing a script stop example.txt

File Management

Command Description Example
mem Returns available, used and free memory of SPIFFS in bytes mem
format Formats Memory (This will delete all scripts) format
ls <…> Returns list of files ls /
create <…> Creates file create example
remove <…> Deletes file remove example
cat <…> Returns content of file cat example
rename -fileA,a -fileB,b Renames file rename example1 example2
write -f/ile -c/ontent Writes (appends) data to file write example.txt "Hello World!"
stream <…> Opens file stream stream example.txt
close Closes file stream close
read Read and return the result from file stream read

If a stream is open, everything you type (except messages containing exactly close or read) will be written to the file until you type close!