The vast majority of issues will be easily solved with the information below. Though do get in touch at with as much detail as possible if we haven’t come across your issue yet!

Common Issues

MalDuino types incorrect keys
My malduino is set up, but nothing happens when I plug it in

Reset Procedure

If you encounter an issue which precents your MalDuino from working properly you can reset your device. To do this:

  1. Open the case, make sure there is no microSD card in the MalDuino
  2. Plug in your MalDuino
  3. Double tap the button on the MalDuino
  4. A mass storage device named MAL will appear on your computer
  5. Download the below malduino-firmware.uf2 file, and copy it to the drive
  1. The MalDuino will reprogram and automatically disconnect itself
  2. Once the LED on the MalDuino starts flashing you can safely unplug it
  3. Your MalDuino is reprogrammed!